Happy New Year

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Hi All :)

We would like to wish everyone a wonderful new year with plenty of blessings and lots of love from the S.A.M.I. Team. May we all have a great year!

This year S.A.M.I. hopes to achieve even higher goals then last year by spreading the word and making sure that everyone is aware of the status of our oceans. This way more people are able to contribute and help in protecting and ensuring that our oceans are safe!

Let’s all do something good this year and help in protecting our oceans from further harm.

We at S.A.M.I. hope that more people get involved in our projects this year and we hope to hear from you!

Thanks for a wonderful year :)


The South African Marine Institute

2 Comments to “Happy New Year”

  • Hope you all also have a great year and suceed in everything! :)

    • Hi Gladys

      Hope you doing well. We miss you tuns. Best wishes to you.

      Lots of love,
      The SAMI Team :)

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